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Group Brain Training
Combats Loneliness and Improves Vitality

One-to-One Training
Employs a Person-Centered Approach

"We had 26 residents attend our first Total Brain Health class at our community! Every resident, regardless of cognitive level, stayed engaged! Today's lesson was "Make New Friends" and I was SO excited that two residents, who have both lived here for years - connected for the first time and said they were going to start attending activities together!"

– Mary F., Resident Experience Coordinator

"THANK YOU for this amazing tool! I have used it now with 2 patients who LOVE it. Both of these ladies are extremely hard to work with and have similar cognitive issues. To see them open up and complete these tasks without hesitation is AMAZING! One was reminiscing about blueberry picking as a child and got emotional in our session thanking me for “taking her back.” 2 days later she is still talking about this “game”."

– Laura C., Program Director, Rehabilitation Services

"We’ve found that both our staff and our residents have gotten very engaged with the TBH program. After all, no one wants to get dementia. If we can help our people learn new techniques to maintain memory, that’s an awesome thing."

– Theresa P., Corporate Director of Wellness

"Totally a great experience, everybody should take this course!"

-TBH course participant